According to Vietnam People’s Daily on June 4, Vietnam’s Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dian emphasized that no vape business license has been issued to any enterprise yet, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade will introduce clearer policies to manage such products in the future.

On June 4, Trần Thị Thanh Lam, a representative of the National Assembly delegation of Ben Tre Province, asked the department about the prevalence of the vape market. The representative pointed out that although vapes and heated cigarettes are not recognized in Vietnam, they are rampant in the market, especially on the Internet, affecting public health, especially the health of young people.

“It is certain that the vapes and heated cigarettes on the current market are smuggled, with unknown sources and unknown origins. Can the minister tell us what the government’s responsibility is for the Ministry of Industry and Trade in market management and commitment to this issue?”

In response to this question, Nguyen Hong Dian admitted that tobacco is a conditional industry and that the current law does not define the new generation of tobacco products, including vapes and heated cigarettes. “Therefore, there has been a legal gap in the state management of this product for some time.” The minister stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Trade has not issued an vape business license to any enterprise, and in the past period of time, it has instructed market management agencies to strengthen inspections and controls, crack down on illegal activities of such products in Henan Province, Bac Giang Province, Hanoi City and other places, and confiscated tens of thousands of products.

The minister proposed a series of solutions: first, coordinate with relevant departments, recommend the introduction of strict and clear vape management policies to fill the legal gap, and recommend that local governments invest appropriate resources to strictly manage such products.

At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade instructed market supervision departments to strictly control the current proliferation of vapes and heated tobacco products. Nguyen Hongdian said that smuggling must be curbed from the border, otherwise it will be very difficult to enter the domestic market once it enters.

In addition, strengthen publicity and education activities, popularize knowledge, enable groups such as children and students to raise awareness of the harm of vapes, and include them in school curriculums, mobilize social organizations, families, schools, and communities to participate in publicity and family child management; enhance the responsibility of local authorities in managing the current situation where vapes and new generation cigarettes are prevalent.

As a brand with ten years of experience in vape factories, Veehoo vapes have always focused on product quality and sustainability. They recognize that the vape industry needs clearer management policies to ensure the quality of products and the health and safety of the public. Therefore, Veehoo vape welcomes the plan of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam to introduce new vape control policies.

In addition, Veehoo vape also recognizes the importance of education and publicity in raising public awareness of the harm of vapes. They support the measures proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to strengthen publicity and education activities and popularize relevant knowledge. Veehoo vape advocates incorporating education on the harm of vapes into school curriculum and encourages social organizations, families, schools and communities to jointly participate in publicity and family and child management. This will increase young people’s awareness of the harm of vapes and help them make wise choices.

Finally, Veehoo vape emphasizes the responsibility of local authorities in managing vapes and new generation cigarettes. They encourage local governments to actively participate in the management of vapes, strengthen market supervision, ensure product compliance and public safety.

Veehoo vape believes that only through the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and the public can the vape market be effectively managed and public health and the environment be protected. They will continue to pay attention to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and other relevant parties to contribute to the sustainable development of the vape industry and environmental protection.

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