vape Australia’s VAPE policy states that e-cigarette purchases require a doctor’s order to be made at a designated venue or online. This is certainly bad news for veehoo vape in Australia.

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First of all, vape players need a certificate from a doctor, and many doctors make a lot of money by opening their own vape shops and letting their patients buy vape from them. This is undoubtedly a shakeout and de-formalization of the e-cigarette market. After that, e-cigarette brands will need to focus not on distributors but on doctors.

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Secondly, the proportion of teenagers smoking e-cigarettes is very high in Australia. Doctors believe that this policy can effectively control the number of teenagers smoking e-cigarettes, which is undoubtedly helpful to social health. However, it also gives birth to many black markets and makes the illegal trading of e-cigarettes even more rampant.

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E-cigarettes are internationally recognized for their effectiveness in smoking cessation. veehoo vape is committed to providing people with the most appropriate e-cigarettes. Under the new policy, the majority of people who have quit smoking will have access to e-cigarettes, which is also good news for vape fans.

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