The latest Australian ban on e-cigarettes only allows adults to buy them from designated prescription pharmacies or overseas websites if prescribed by a doctor. If the law is strictly applied, it is mainly smokers who quit smoking. In fact, the ban on e-cigarettes in Australia was introduced because the majority of teenagers use e-cigarettes.

Teens use e-cigarettes for a variety of reasons, including social interaction, coolness, smoke and variety of flavors. Before the ban, teenagers could buy e-cigarettes freely because of the various ways to buy them. Then the Australian government recognized the urgency of the situation and began to issue relevant bans.

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The policy in this respect does curb the barbaric growth of e-cigarettes, but teenagers who have been exposed to e-cigarettes and have an understanding of this aspect continue to buy e-cigarettes through the black market, because the black market e-cigarettes are mixed with many inferior products, which is more harmful to the health of teenagers.

According to statistics, the users who buy e-cigarettes through formal channels only account for 12 percent of Australian e-cigarette users, which means that more than 100 million Australian e-cigarette users do not buy e-cigarettes through legal channels.

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Among them, the growth rate is the fastest among teenagers. Some people in the Australian government think that the e-cigarette policy should be loosened and the high tax should be imposed to discourage smokers, while others think that more stringent measures should be taken to crack down on the black market and reduce the number of e-cigarette users.